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Welcome to Voice2CAD

We Give You the Power of AI
Improve Your Drafting Flow & Productivity

Responsive UI

Clean & Responsive User Interface thats easy to use. Our modern look and layout is simple to understand, so you can jump into the action right away.

Fully Customizable

Using Voice2CAD's Scripting language, It allows you to create extremey complex macro sequences. It's extremely easy to learn and utilize.

Super Accurate

The artificial intelligence's grammar is built from your macro sheet so it will never choose the wrong command. This allows the AI to be extremely accurate when listening for commands.

Endless Possibilities

The possibilities are limited by your mind. The complexity of the software depends on how complex your macro sheet is. The more commands & complexity the more powerful the software is.

Powerful Performance

Derived from Bifrost AI the cognitive network lets you harness over 100k commands on minimum hardware, while capable of utilizing over 1 million commands on top hardware.

24/7 Support

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are dedicated to offering high quality support for Voice2CAD via Facebook or Email.

The Fastest Way To Draft

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Our Goal

Ditch the keyboard and let Voice2CAD type out shortcut keys, dimensions, material types, and every command within a software. Voice2CAD is capable of working with any CAD software and we plan on producing more unique templates for our community while also releasing templates developed by the voice2cad community. You can create voice activated macros and let Voice2CAD press long tedious keyboard combinations preventing the development of serious long term health problems like Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Voice2CAD is a productivity platform and the limit of its capabilities is based on the user's ability to create macros and tailor them to his or her workflow.

Voice activate your CAD software today with Voice2CAD!



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