Discover what inspired Voice2CAD's Creation

I have worked in the steel industry for over 10 years and at times, worked over 70 hours a week for months on end. I operated AutoCAD and SDS/2 all day long and would have debilitating pain in my wrists and fingers from the relentless mouse and keyboard action required to work quickly in these programs. I eventually had to take days off work to recover. I tried all the ergonomic mice and keyboards and nothing completely worked for me, I have a bin in my office filled with mice, trackballs, and keyboards of all different types. Some are more expensive than I care to admit. The only relief I found was simply not working on a computer at all, however it did not bring in a paycheck.

Recently, my projects began piling up and my hands simply could not take it anymore. I either had to find another line of work and start over completely, or find a new way to work without using my hands so much. I began researching the capabilities of speech recognition and quickly realized that there was not one software that worked entirely for my applications. So, I began to create my own. At first, I only made a few voice activated commands for the most used commands in SDS/2. This ended up working so effortlessly and quickly that a floodgate opened in my mind and I began writing thousands of lines of commands and macros with the intention of doing away with the keyboard altogether. This was the birth of Voice2CAD. After months of developing and testing, we created a software that learns your voice and is capable of executing voice commands quickly and with incredible accuracy. Voice2CAD will also recognize material types and dimension commands. For me, this was a game changer and really set Voice2CAD miles ahead of the competition. I now utilize Voice2CAD for many programs, as it is not just limited to CAD software, and have created profiles for each one. I doubled my drawing output and all but eliminated my RSI issues at the same time. Voice2CAD has increased my workflow tremendously, and has propelled me much further into a very competitive market that is struggling to get more projects completed faster. On the other hand, it has afforded me more time off to spend with family and reflect on the success of getting a project done faster and with less effort than everyone else. If you are willing to put in the time to tailor your commands to your workflow, you will not only experience significant gains in your work productivity, but like me, your quality of life as well.

This software is a tool and can be overwhelming at first, but once you get it all setup, you will never want to go back. -Joseph Hamill