Software Details

Detailed overview on how Voice2CAD Works

Voice2CAD is derived from Bifrost Artificial Intelligence allowing you to harness a more stable and complex speech recognition software. Its designed to handle over 100k commands using minimal PC hardware. Top Spec PCs can handle over 1 million commands.Using Microsoft Excel, we created a scripting algorithm that lets you create complex macro sequences by adding special macro identifiers to complete tedious tasks in AutoCAD or other CAD software..

This software was created by a draftsman, for draftsmen. However, it can be used by anyone who frequently types out long text strings like dimensions, material types, and short phrases. It is especially beneficial for software users who constantly dig through menus to find commands or type shortcut keys. It has the potential to make every command within a software executable by saying its name or the phrase you created for it. Unlike other speech recognition software, it only listens for voice commands that you have created so it will not try to write out everything you say, for example, if you are talking to a co-worker or on the phone.

The end experience is increased workflow and decreased repetitive stress injuries. Because the user has the power to create thousands of custom voice-activated command macros, the keyboard is rarely used. Some users have completely reversed RSI injuries by removing their keyboard from their input methods and switching to voice activation. Also, by voice activating commands and complex dimensions, the user can simply tell the computer what to do while they are looking at reference material, greatly reducing keystroke error and the lag between reading and typing the information. You simply say the information out loud as you are reading it. Voice2cad uses excel spreadsheets as the platform for building your macro database. This way, it is easy to copy and edit commands to suit your application. You can even create voice-activated macros to send keys such as tab, enter, escape, shift, and many others in any combination you choose. You can even add wait times between the keys depending on how fast your software can react to a key input. The possibilities are limited by your imagination.

Voice2CAD excels at sending material types and dimension commands. Never type out L2 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 3/8, or HSS10.5x10.5x1/2 again. You can also say dimensions like 98 feet 7 and 3/16 and it will type out 98-7 3/16 in well under a second. If you are using AutoCAD, it will type out 98'-7-3/16" with unbelievable accuracy. This factor alone is an incredible time and error saver. The users will also get access to pre-built templates for common software. So far, SDS/2 and Autocad are the only templates available. But you can easily create your own with a little time and creativity.

Voice2cad is also capable of opening any file, folder or software on your computer. You simply copy the path into your spreadsheet and give it a name. You can say chrome, notepad, outlook, projects folder, or even a commonly used file. It virtually eliminates digging through folders to find commonly used files and also frees up your desktop of all the shortcuts. Say a file or folder without leaving the software you have open. Any website can be opened with the same method as well. Have a command for each one of your e-mail addresses and never type them out again. You can say personal e-mail, business e-mail, co-workers e-mail, company names, or anything you type out frequently. Voice2cad's capslock disabler feature allows you to say a command that types something out in all caps and it will go back to the caps setting you had before you said the command. Some users always type in all caps but their command shortcuts are lower case keys, so this feature allows you to spend less attention, if any, toggling your caps lock key.